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  • Tiyh

    I just want to know what should I eat? If one knows what to eat . One can follow a regimen. Also it has to be affordable, or there’s no point in reading this.

    • Food Chain

      You want to eat organic food free of genetically modified ingredients. Get your produce from local farmers. Almost all fast food is GMO except Chiptole. Avoid seafood from the pacific or the gulf of mexico or the Mediterranean. Build a greenhouse and filter the water for your vegetables. .

  • Megan Davidson

    Orville Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn has TBHQ in it. That’s what brought me to this article!

  • Ava

    Townhouse Oven Baked Pita Crackers has TBHQ in it….

  • rosalynn r

    Ghirardelli chocolate squares have it

  • lol

    cherry pop tarts have it and I’m sure
    other flavors

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