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  • Tiyh

    I just want to know what should I eat? If one knows what to eat . One can follow a regimen. Also it has to be affordable, or there’s no point in reading this.

    • You want to eat organic food free of genetically modified ingredients. Get your produce from local farmers. Almost all fast food is GMO except Chiptole. Avoid seafood from the pacific or the gulf of mexico or the Mediterranean. Build a greenhouse and filter the water for your vegetables. .

    • concernedmommy2

      buy meat from a local market or locker if possible. buy fresh fruits and vegetables and wash them. check labels, if you see an ingredient you dont recognize google it. if you are really concerned, try making your own bread and pasta and crackers. you can make homemade salad dressings. there are alot of recipes out there. but when buying convenience foods the label is your friend

    • HighFructoseIsBadForYou

      Eat good. Have a balanced diet. Don’t eat foods with genetically modified food. Avoid preservatives like High Fructose Corn Syrup and TBHQ, BHT, Aspartame, and others. Corn Syrup is ok, but avoid HFCS. Eat fast food once a week, if you want to. Buy soda occiasionly, for me its 5 times a year. Don’t eat sugary foods and don’t eat food with alot of calories. Make sure to stay around 2,000 calories per day. Check Ingredients and Nurtrition Facts every time you buy something suspicious. Never get McDonalds. Take a healthier choice, like Tyson’s or Perdue. McDonalds’s milkshakes probably contain HFCS and it has 720 calories. Seriously? 720? You don’t need that much for a simple chocolate milkshake, nothing else. Never get Coca-Cola. Even if the box or bag says: NO PRESERVATIVES! or: ORGANIC!, always check the ingredient label too. They could lie. If a drink you buy says: No added sugar! Still check because once I checked the label on a drink that said that and I found HFCS and Aspartame, which are two sugar additives. Some people may say, “Diet Soda is a healthy choice if you want soda!” ITS NOT. Always wonder why it has 0-5 Calories? The preservatives in soda that make it have 0 calories. No Sugar? THERE STILL IS SUGAR!! Aspartame has 75% MORE SUGAR than regular sucrose (sugar). Thanks for reading if you got this far.

  • Megan Davidson

    Orville Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn has TBHQ in it. That’s what brought me to this article!

  • Ava

    Townhouse Oven Baked Pita Crackers has TBHQ in it….

  • rosalynn r

    Ghirardelli chocolate squares have it

  • lol

    cherry pop tarts have it and I’m sure
    other flavors

    • HighFructoseIsBadForYou

      All flavors have TBHQ. Ever wonder why the inside of poptarts are so fresh? TBHQ is the answer. Your poptarts would be disgusting if TBHQ wasn’t in it. Don’t buy poptarts. They also have High Fructose Corn Syrup, which is also almost as worse as TBHQ. It can cause obesity, headaches, migraines, even serious conditions like diabetes. (Type 1 or Type 2)

    • chris

      poptarts also contain jello and jello has animal products in it such as cow or pig bones,skin ex. goolge or youtube how jello is made.may not be bad idk but it is crazy how things we never knew was added to food,but it does turn my stomach after learning whats added to our foods.

  • concernedmomy2

    i absolutely do not like the idea of tbhq being anywhere near food, that being said, i have done alot of reading on tbhq, and it is not actually butane, it is a compound that contains a butyl group, which is also naturally occuring in butter. i do not believe that that makes it safe however. the fda says that it is safe in small amounts. to reach a lethal dose of tbhq from eating mcnuggets a person would have to consume 312 nuggets in one meal. im not sure how many nuggets you would need to eat in order to get nauseous or dizzy or have ringing in the ears, and quite frankly i dont want to find out. i will say that i know from experience that about 1 cup of cheezit crackers was enough to make me feel light headed and give me some serious heartburn on more than one occasion. thats actually what got me to look into tbhq was that after eating these crackers and experiencing the same symptoms on several occasions i decided to check the label. tbhq was the only one on the ingredient list that i hadnt seen before on any of the other food in my home. there is alot of controversy surrounding this additive. while i deffinitely am against it being used in food, i would like it if people would do some serious research on it before just spouting off on it. it is not butane. to say that just makes you sound dumb and people who know better and have an agenda to push will use it against you. so just stick with the facts. certainly i think that anything toxic should not be in food. my advice to those who dont know what to eat due to all the food additives, buy fresh meat from a local market, or locker, or direct from farmer if possible, buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and remember to wash them before you eat them, check labels, if you are extremely concerned you can make your own bread and crackers. Cheese nips made by nabisco do not contain tbhq and i have had to adverse affect to those. i would say it is something that should be further investigated and more research done on it. i dont think there is near enough info available. some say its horrible and some say its wonderful bc its an antioxidant and prevents spoiling. i would read the good and the bad.

    • CPinSL

      Nicely put. So many ingredients have other, non-food uses, but that does not mean you’re eating a toxic ingredient. I don’t think that TBHQ is necessarily the best thing to be eating, but you hit the nail on the head. Think before you eat, look for fresh, and RESEARCH beyond sites like this one.

      To those who don’t believe what concernedmomy2 posted, read on. Just as an outlandish example, try these on for size:

      Iron and magnesium are used to make cars and other industrial goods. They are included in many foods as “vitamins and minerals.”

      Citric acid is found in cleaning products. It also comes from oranges, grapefruit, and other fruits.

      Calcium carbonate is chalk. It’s also antacid.

      Flour is used as a release agent during some foundry molding processes and also used to make bread.

      Carbon is found in petroleum products. It’s also found in virtually all foods.

      Water is used to make liquid soap, antifreeze, and is found in urine. We all know that water is necessary for life. The point being that just because something is used for non-food does
      not make it bad. It’s the overexposure to something that can be toxic. Even too much water can be toxic.

    • Jean

      My son was getting headaches almost daily and migraines once or twice a week. I researched the ingredients in what he was eating and eliminated the TBHQ, BHA and BHT. It has been almost a year since he has had a migraine. He rarely gets headaches now and his pulmonary doctor has taken him off of his daily asthma medication.

      • Abigail Egan

        We were also able to go off asthma meds when elimintating petrochemicals

    • Thomas Darden

      Butter is a product of milk, so why not say naturally occurring in milk/cows…

  • The voice of reason

    Pam cooking spray, no surprise it’s on the list. Ever notice that fishy taste to your baked goods when the can starts getting low? That’s the butane propellants. The simple solution? Use plain-‘ol fashioned butter. What?! Butter is bad, right? It’s natural though. Your body knows what to do with it.
    What would you rather have: a few extra calories, or some cancer mixed with potential mental disorders?

    • Shana

      Your so right! Butter is actually Good for you though! Its a SUPER FOOD! Listen to dead doctors dont lie by Dr. Joe Wallach on you tube or google him. Butter makes you lose weight. And it has vitamin a,d,k and all 3 fatty acids. We only use amish homemade butter with no preservatives.

      • jesse

        yea I know my grandpa founded a health magazine called Alive and said butter was much better for you that that margarine crap. Cannot believe people still think margarine is better for you. I use butter to cook most of my foods and eat 3 eggs a day. I have no health issues people need to learn whats good for you and not just listen to crap on tv.

      • Thomas Darden

        Yes, even better is to get “grass fed” butter because then you know that the cows are eating what they are meant to eat. Hay and corn makes cows sick resulting in being treated with antibiotics.

        • Mary Apfel-vandeyacht

          Hay is grass….dried grass…no, not the same fescue or bluegrass as your lawn, but that has very lityle good stuff for livestock. Timothy, alfalfa, etc are good quality grasses we dry into hay to feed livestock. Afding clover etc can boost other nutrients..and you cant have fresh pasture fed grass eating cows 24/7. That thing we call winter happens. And goof hay is full of nutrition and good stuff. Corn does NOT make cows sick. Growing up in dairy country, and being a successful horse trainer, and taking classes on livestock nutrition has taught me well. Aimlessly reading bs on the internet has failed you.

      • Danny Gordon

        Absolutely right!. We take it a step further though and only use organic raw butter made from grass-fed cows. It’s an import from Ireland.

  • l

    Also McDonalds french fries have TBHQ… it says so on I never knew that so many companies want to kill us… D:

  • carol

    spelling error for article on TBHQ — “….retailer for that matter! Best word of advise is read the ingredients list….” the spelling should be ADVICE – not advise

  • Cami

    I’ve been eating and loving McDonald’s french fries since I was a kid, but no more! And to think that TBHQ is not only IN its fries, but is also sprayed on the cartons too?! Now that’s just too much!! Buh-bye McDonald’s!!

  • Trudy

    I’m curious after reading a pop tart label whether or not some or all Palm oils contains TBHQ and if there is another word to look for on labels that is not as obvious to the consumer like partially hydrogenated oils/ transfats. Pop tart Labels read palm oil (with TBHQ for freshness) while pepperidge farm cookies list no preservatives but comment vegtable oil (palm). If I choose to avoid TBHQ while pregnant can I assume Pepperidge farm products are a good choice for junk food in moderation.

    • Abigail Egan

      No Pepperidge farm products sprat alll their packaging with petrochemical preservatives. …yet another labeling loop hole!

  • PhantomOfThaWorld

    Reeses Peanut Butter Cups has TBHQ in them

  • Head ache no more

    Omg. I just discovered the cause of my agonizing migraines, TBHQ! It’s the only correlation I could come up with. I get them the day after eating Act II microwave popcorn. I have been suffering and taking crazily prescriptions that don’t work. I just need to stop eating this terrible stuff. I am going to stop feeding it to my children. My youngest eats a bag of popcorn 3 nights a week at least. He has a runny nose and diarrhea all the time and struggles with ADHD. I have to read all the labels now. They need to get rid of this crap. How can it be allowed in food.

    • Yeah be good to quit the popcorn. It’s a quadruple whammy of bad ingredients. Tbhq, genetically modified corn, Monsanto pesticide glysophate, plus pop corn gets lodged in the digestive tract so your body wont digest this properly and those bad ingredients stick around a lot longer doing more damage. Whenever I eat popcorn I feel pain on my left side of stomach the day after.

  • David

    Wish there were sources listed for the facts here.

  • Peggy Morsch

    After learning of TBHQ in The Food Revolution Summit, I found it in the small, individually wrapped, square chocolates produced by Ghirardelli. Disappointed!

  • Janko Hraško Tuzexový Zboží

    Sunshine’s Cheez- It has it.

  • Tristan Dietrich

    Ever bbq’d food before? If you have you better stop if scared of products made from petroleum. Our bodies are built on carbon sources… Petroleum is a carbon source. Not saying it is all healthy for you as I would not want toluene or xylene anywhere near me. For the record, McD holds the highest standards for there french fries and quality and safety are number 1. Salt is there preservative and the oils are all top quality.

  • juan

    You need and editor/proofreader. Your article is full of misspellings.

  • Jillian

    Bumblebee Chicken Salad on the Run. The crackers contain TBHQ

  • KevinJ

    I haven’t read other posts on this discussion yet, but are you aware tBHQ is also believed to be responsible for the explosion in food allergies? Great article here:

  • Republicans to the rescue

    Can anyone post the scientific evidence that proves anything you’re saying?

  • Danny Gordon

    Snickers brand Peanut butter squared and Peanut butter Egg contain TBHQ

  • Danny Gordon

    I just spoke with McDonalds, I was told that their new chicken nuggets which they claim to be free of artificial preservatives, does not contain TBHQ in the the nugget itself, but the oil it’s cooked in contains TBHQ.It turns out the buttermilk biscuit is also cooked in this oil which contains TBHQ.

  • Danielle

    Kellogs blueberry pastry crisps have TBHQ and oatmeal raisin crisp had BHT or BHA i can’t remember

  • DR

    I’m looking at a box of cheeses its. I don’t see this ingredient. Is it under another name ?

  • Larry Beaver

    You have no understanding of chemistry.

  • Gail Bisbey

    I just found that it’s in the Orville Reddenbacher Gourmet Butter popping corn.

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