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  • VooDude

    ”… I also did not realize 3 mile island was so close to Hershey chocolate factory! …”

    Oh, such innuendo! Not saying that Hershey’s chocolate was contaminated, but, implying that.
    …also not saying just how close the two were, but implying that their proximity was a problem …

  • VooDude

    ”… I lived 25 miles away from turkey point nuclear reactor. I saw both my parents with cancer on chemotherapy at same time along with our next door neighbor. …”

    Not telling us when your parents, or neighbour, were diagnosed with cancer, or, how long they – not you – lived 25 miles from the nuclear reactor … heck, you aren’t even saying that your parents lived 25 miles from Turkey Point, just that you did. More innuendo. Implication. Alarm-ism.

  • VooDude

    ”… Chernobyl was much smaller and was only 30 % melted down. …”

    Chernobyl was ten times worse than Fukushima.

    Chernobyl had no secondary containment.

    Fukushima, compared to the atomic bomb tests of the 50s and 60s:

  • VooDude

    ”… Fukushima has 3 reactors complete meltdowns …”

    Probalby true. Don’t know about “complete” but certainly, melting of fuel.

    ”… ran on mox fuel.. Enriched uranium weapons grade. …”

    One of three cores had some MOX fuel rods. No core had all MOX fuel rods. MOX amounted to about 1% Plutonium. The Plutonium released was not significant, compared to other material, like Caesium. None of it was “weapons grade” … not even close.

    • VooDude

      MOX? less than a gram of Plutonium was released.

      ”… the estimated release of 4.2 GBq 239+240Pu (in the isotopic composition estimated for the reactors) correspond to a mass of about 0.71 grams.

      ”… a release of some [1•10^-7, 0r 0.00001%] of the core inventories only (to be compared with 3.5% from Chernobyl).”

      ”The mean ratio 239+240Pu : 137Cs in the near field around the NPP (mainly part of Fukushima prefecture and districts of adjacent prefectures) can be assumed about 3×10^-7, to be compared to nearly 0.01 in the vicinity of Chernobyl, down to about 3×10^-6 in Central Europe. Isotopic ratios 238Pu : 239+240Pu are about 2.2 (0.46 and 0.035 in Chernobyl and global fallout, respectively). Activity concentrations of Fukushima-239+240Pu in surface soil were found up to above 0.1 Bq/kg d.m. in the immediate vicinity of the Fukushima NPP and about one order of magnitude less in Fukushima city, about 60 km away. The 239+240Pu activity released into the atmosphere is roughly estimated some 10^9 Bq (Chernobyl: almost 10^14 Bq). ”

      ”… as can be concluded from the composition of the released matter, temperatures were not high enough to set free significant amounts of elements with high evaporation temperatures. Thus, luckily, the contribution of strontium and plutonium isotopes, to name only these two radiologically very unpleasant ones, was very low. Also apparently no explosive fuel fragmentation occurred, so that little, if any of the release happened in the form of fuel fragments. On the other hand large fractions of the inventory of radioactive noble gases, radio-iodine and radio-caesium were released the latter (mainly 131I and 137, 134Cs) being of radiological significance.”

      [In Chernobyl,] Due to the different physical characteristic of the accident the composition of the fallout was different. Violent fracturation caused large amounts of fuel being ejected in larger or smaller particles, or being carried by convection caused by the fire. Small “hot” particles could travel over more than 1000 km. Also temperature was higher, allowing also less volatile elements being released more easily. As a consequence Sr and Pu isotopes (together with other little volatile, but radiologically less important ones such as 125Sb, 144Ce or 154,155Eu) contribute more in Chernobyl, than in Fukushima fallout. The large releases of 103,106Ru from Chernobyl are specific: Ru is actually little volatile, but through a reaction with air which occurred in Chernobyl but not in Fukushima,…”

      ”The [isotopic] Pu signature of global fallout has been quite well known for years. For Fukushima fallout, the ratio can be inferred from samples taken from very close to the NPP which show relatively high Pu concentrations whose origin is likely the NPP accident…”

      ”…activity concentration ratio 239+240Pu : 137Cs in Fukushima fallout in the order 3 × 10^-7.”

      ”…Chernobyl fallout, the ratio was about 0.0088 in the surroundings of the Chernobyl NPP and about 3 × 10^-6 in Austria (1000 km away)…”

      ”…atmospheric emission of 239+240Pu equal 4.2 GBq … 14GBq”

      NISA estimates a release of 6.4GBq.

      ”…The IRSN [Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire] [9; p. 107] estimated the 137Cs activity directly released into the sea as high as 27 PBq; “directly” means, not counting atmospheric fallout over the sea…”

      ”… the estimated release of 4.2 GBq 239+240Pu (in the isotopic composition estimated for the reactors) correspond to a mass of about 0.71 grams.

      Bossew, P. 2013 “Plutonium emission from the Fukushima accident.” IRPA Regional Congress – Radiation Protection and Safety

    • VooDude

      “Unit 3 has a small admixture of mixed oxide fuel (MOX), such that less than 1% of the fuel was Pu. All other fuel was nominally low enriched uranium (LEU).”

      T.W. Bowyer et al. 2011 Elevated radioxenon detected remotely following the Fukushima nuclear accident Journal of Environmental Radioactivity

  • VooDude

    ”… The real problem is getting to the coriums which could be several miles below the surface …”

    The “corium” in the worst melt-down is here:

    • Vapolen

      The Active Cores at the center of each 1, 2, 3, 4 reactor and 4 was not down, Exploded and are scattered all over japan and the pacific. theres no part of the active core in any plant. the melted cores are from spent fuel pools.

  • VooDude

    ”… It is theoretically possible the coriums could get picked up in lava flows and cause a nuclear volcano explosion at mount Fuji. …”

    Nope. Not even in theory, let alone reality.
    They haven’t left the secondary containment building – many metres of concrete, and then steel. The “corium” is cold, not molten.

    • darb

      Corium, also called fuel containing material
      (FCM) or lava-like fuel containing material (LFCM), is a lava-like
      mixture of portions of a nuclear reactor core, formed during a nuclear
      meltdown, the most severe class of a nuclear reactor accident.

      • VooDude

        That’s a nice definition.

        It probably came from wikipedia, as they have that exact wording.

        Corium, however, was a word used in Anatomy and Zoology, defined as

        “the dense inner layer of skin beneath the epidermis, composed of connective tissue, blood and lymph vessels, sweat glands, hair follicles, and an elaborate sensory nerve network.

        (a definition given by Proctor & Gamble before 2007). Corium was used, synonymous with Dermis, aka skin, since before the 1800s.

        Apparently, “Corium” was redefined in a paper by Grossman, Lewis, and Rooney in1967: “The system UO2-Eu2O3 at high temperatures.” Journal of Nuclear Materials to include nuclear reactor cores.

        The phrase, “lava-like FCM” originated in 1997, in the Journal, “Condensed Matter Physics 12 (1997): 97-110.” although LFCM came into usage earlier, 1995, “Lava Fuel-containing Masses (LFCM)”.

        • darb

          Just because a word has more than one meaning, that does not mean the word was “redefined”. In this case a new definition was added to an existing word, (just as sometimes a new word is added to the dictionary) Now, I’m wondering where you found that the cores are still in the secondary containment vessel. (yes I see the pic) but everything I have found is about no-one having any idea of where the cores actually are. Not trying to argue anything, just trying to figure it out. (it’s really hard to find the truth about the meltdowns. Been tracking it since day 1) It is possible the cores are still in the secondary vessel. But I can find nowhere where anyone has even hinted that. I just deal with the evidence we have. Including the amount of water being pumped in, the amount of water stored. If the containment was simply leaking, I wouldn’t think they need storage for that much water. So I’m thinking that the cores left all containment. And they have to store the groundwater pouring into the containment and the hole the cores “may” have created. Then there the ice-wall thing. I find that they tried and failed last year, and then are just completing a second attempt, with a new “ice-wall” which will go into operation in December. Again, I’m not one to argue, and I appreciate someone who is will to try to explain, and at this point I see you’re intelligent. But as you know, we should all be leery of the “fact” stated about this situation online. I want to trust everything you say sir Voodude, but when you say the ‘corium’ is only use in biological terms, when it is clear the term is used sometimes in nuclear pretense, and posting a pic showing that the ‘corium’ is ‘cold’ cause it is still in the containment and submerged, it cause me to doubt you. But just a little. Cause I know it’s hard to find the real truth these days. I want and NEED someone to believe in, and an intelligent conversation in this matter. 🙂 Again, I’d like to mention, about tracking this since day 1, after the fifth day of the initial meltdowns, that my searches went “haywire”. I was getting black-screens instead of video, and at one point, my computer was hi-jacked. I notice my mouse movement was a little slow, (but everything was working) then I noticed I was operating Windows 7. My computer was a windows xp platform. LOL. I understand that that was done to prevent people from panicking (news blackout). And the only thing that can be found after that, (articles ‘left up’) had deep flaws, so as to keep people in question. Do you have time to address any of this? Darbs here. 🙂

  • VooDude

    ”… There are horrifying signs of ecological disaster in the Pacific …”

    Not really. There (probably) are concurrent waves of several illnesses – several seem to be larger than has been noted before… but no association with Fukushima has shown up in any tests. Waves of illness have swept through areas, before …

  • ikke Ru

    Fukushima was confirmed to be a military compound facility. No power for public use was ever generated there … Reports also say that the core has burnt through earth and has now fallen into the aquifers beneath japan soil and sea floor! It could pop up somewhere else! At the plant they attempted to fortify the foundations and pumping the groundwater! But now the groundwater is also rising, together with aquifer water, for over a meter now! hello? Chernobyl is still not over!!! they just poured concrete around it to contain it a little bit!! This was an emergency measure and has not been handled since!! U can’t even compare with chernobyl actually! because no weapons grade radioactive stuff was leaked, and look at the damage there! Over 300.000.000 BQ’s have already leaked into the Ocean! And still spewing into the air, and 300.000 liters of contaminated water, PLUS 400.000 liters of radioactive groundwater (which is pumped up into containers) A DAY! Massive fish and bird deaths all over the West Coast upto Alaska and down to Mexico. Why also birds? Tests are not being revealed to the public. Most of the pictures show irrefutable proof of genetic malformation clearly caused by radioactive radiation … At VooDude: get your head out of your ass, and stop misinforming people!!!! wake up

    • lori

      birds eat fish

  • Chaz Bono

    we’re doomed, all the ‘safety techniques’ are futile. You can’t filter the air enough no matter what advanced technologies you had available to you, the particles would still be inhaled eventually. These sick scientists have doomed us all. People think scientists are smart, but they are immoral, completely immoral to the point of insane egoism and self destruction of the entire human race.

    Even if they/we manage to contain Fukushima and Chernobyl in any desperate capacities we would still have the last to decommission ALL NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS and then manage the hideously insane amounts of spent nuclear fuel/waste. Yucca Mountain is not any sensible solution. Imagine if Fukushima gets even worse and it destroys the entire northern hemisphere? then what? we would need to decommission all remaining nuclear power plants to avoid them melting down from abandonment etc. It’s a total disaster for humankind.

  • Vapolen

    FUkushima deniers like Dutchinc and the rest of you are criminally insane. You must seek Psychiatric help at once.

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