Ken Smith authorized Multipure Independent Distributor, ID #427295MP750PlusRO Aquacomplete model best multipure discount code 427295 -disc AQUACOMPLETE MP750PlusRO Reverse Osmosis. Huge CB6 Solid Activated Carbon Block filter,  The Multipure AquaRO combines Multipure’s advanced solid carbon block water filters and Arsenic water filter with reverse-osmosis water filter technology, resulting in our most complete water filter system available. AquaRO connects below the sink; install kit is included.  Filters the Widest Range of Containment’s Aquacomplete MP750+RO

Summer Safeguard Promotion


(Promotional Period: July 1, 2014 through September 30, 2014) Multipure is offering our all-new Water Emergency Treatment (WET) System for just the cost of shipping to customers who purchase any Multipure Drinking Water System at regular price! Or if you purchase any Drinking Water System Starter Kit at regular price and sign up as a new Distributor, you can receive our WET System absolutely FREE!

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Free WET System plus $10.00 S/H fee when purchasing any drinking water system.

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Free WET System if you purchase any Drinking Water System Starter Kit
and sign up as a new Distributor (enter promo code at the checkout screen)

Multipure’s Water Emergency Treatment System provides an affordable, all-in-one resource for emergency situations. Providing cleaner water, and peace-of-mind, at home or in the car.

Water Emergency Treatment System:

• (2) EF8 solid carbon block emergency filters
• (1) Sediment pre-filter wrap
• (10) Micropur MP1 water purifier tablets
• (1) Collapsible bucket
• (1) 7-foot flexible plastic tube with valve
• (1) Threaded filter connector

(enter the above promo code at the checkout screen) All filters and filter systems made in the USA

aquaversa counter top water filter system stainless steel spout  with cb6 filter

Aquaversa MP750 above or below sink stainless steel.

multipure aquadome cb6 filter counter

Aquadome MPAD Best Buy in Consumer Reports! Big CB6 Carbon block filter.

aquaperform under counter or above counter multipure

AquaPerform MP880 filters out pollutants even arsenic!

 NSF Certified, Lowest Online Price Guarantee! 

Aquaversa mpct multipure cheap discount filtration

AQUAVERSA water filter system from Multpure MP750 Stainless Steel Above/Below sink. NSF certified Cb6 filter.  Pleased with the performance and ease of hook up


AQUADOME MPAD Consumer reports rated a best buy. Independently tested to be just as effective as many of the higher end models at half the price. Comes with Multipures advanced Cb6 carbon block filter

View all the specifications and prices

straight from the manufacturer  HERE

money back guarantee multipure water filtersMultipure 90 Days money back Guarantee!dirty water filter multipure

 Look at the amount of sludge the Multpure water filters collected. Multipure Filters can last over a year! Multipure water filters use activated carbon solid block technology capturing some of the smallest micron particles.  Multipure water filters utilize pristine sources from Coconuts. The attack on water is real!  They add Toxic Chlorine to water,and then the radioactive waste sites!  Many cities also use Fluoride and who knows about well water? Glosiphate from Monsanto, to fracking precious aquifers and the triple meltdowns in Japan that causes radiation to fallout as precipitation on USA 

Multipure Water filters Dedication to Excellence…

Triple Guarantee
Multipure International
90 Days – Satisfaction Guaranteed
If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your Multipure
Drinking Water System, Multipure will refund 100% of the purchase price.*
Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel & Plastic Housing
The exterior stainless steel housing and plastic housing (canister)
is warranted for use and will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE.**
12 Months – Accessories Warranty
All exterior hoses and attachments are warranted for use
and will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE

                                                       Looking for Real Multipure Replacement Filters? Click Here

Click here to see How Consumer Digest Compares Multipure to the top brands

Consumer digest filter comparison multipure brita pur

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the wriggle portable water filter bottle sportsNewest products the Wriggle from Multipure best portable water filtration bottle for people on the go with Vitalic” Water Enhancer”

the wriggle from multipure blue best portable water bottle filtration filter multi-pure with Vitalicthe wriggle from multipure blue best portable water bottle filtration filter multi-pure ashley argota from true jacksonstar actress movies vitalic

multipure at the oscars multi pure vitalic and the wriggle best portable water bottle filter filtration Multipure Vitalic is an extraordinary  vitamin health booster a wonderful complement paired with Multipure filtered water. Makes water the ultimate refreshment.

garden water filter aqua grow

The “Aqua grow” created to filter water used in gardening, Helps plants grow healthier and providing safer to eat fruits and vegetables. All true organic gardens should have it.

Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been tested and certified under NSF/ANSI Standard Nos.
53 as shown below. The concentration of the indicated substances in water entering the system
was reduced to a concentration less than or equal to the permissible limit for water leaving the
system, as specified in NSF/ANSI 53, Health Effects.
For Model Nos. MP750SB, MP1200EL, MP750SC, MP750SI, MPAD, MPCT

Asbestos 99.9 % Alachlor 98 % Atrazine 97 % Bromoform 99.8 % Bromodichloromethane 99.8 % Benzene 99 % chlordane 99.5 % Carbon tetrachloride 98 % Carbofuran 98 % Chlorobenzene 99 % Chloropicrin 99 % Cyst (parasites found  in water) Toxoplasma, Entamoeba, Cryptosporidium, Giardia 99.95 % 2, 4-d* 98 % DBCP Dibromochloropropane 98 % Dibromochloromethane 99.8 % Dibromochloropropane 99.8 % Ethylbenzene 99 % Endrin 99 % Entamoeba (cysts) 99.5 Dinoseb (ethylene Dibromide) 98 % 1,2-Dichloropropane (propylene dichloride) 99 % Lead 99.3 % Mercury 99%

1. Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified, as indicated, by NSF International for compliance to NSF/ANSI Standard Nos. 42 & 532. The Multipure Drinking Water Systems have been certified by the State of California Department of Public Health for the reduction of specificcontaminants listed herein.3. Chloroform was used as a surrogate for claims of reduction of VOCs. Multipure Systems tested at >99.8% actual reduction of Chloroform. Percent

reduction shown herein reflects the allowable claims for VOCs as per tables in the Standard.
4. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.
Systems certified for cyst reduction may be used on disinfected water that may contain filterable cysts.
5. Filter life will vary in proportion to the amount of water used and the level of impurities in the water being processed. For optimum performance, it is
essential that the filter be replaced on a regularly scheduled basis as follows: (a) annually; (b) when the unit’s rated capacity has been reached; (c)
the flow rate diminishes; or (d) the filter becomes saturated with bad tastes and odors.
6. Model No. MP1200EL includes a capacity monitor that automatically flashes a red light when it is time to replace your filter.
7. Multipure Drinking Water System Housings are warranted for Lifetime (provided that the filter be replaced at least once a year). All exterior hoses
and attachments to the System are warranted for one year. Please see the Owner’s Manual for complete product guarantee and warranty
8. Please see the Owner’s Manual for installation instructions and operating procedures.
9. In compliance with New York law, it is recommended that before purchasing a water treatment system, NY residents have their water supply tested
to determine their actual water treatment needs. Please compare the capabilities of the Multipure unit with your actual water treatment needs.
The list of substances which the treatment device reduces does not necessarily mean that these substances are present in your tap water



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I bought the Aquaversa above the sink model from Multipure for my parents and they love it!
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